Upcoming Events

Visit the Joyce Tower Museum during Costival and experience the first episode of Ulysses reenacted in the Tower and by the sea.

Tuesday 4 July – Telemachus at the Tower | 2pm – 3pm | €5 BOOK HERE

Wednesday 5 July – Telemachus at the Tower | 2pm-3pm | €5 BOOK HERE

Thursday 6 July – Telemachus at the Tower | 2pm – 3pm | €5 BOOK HERE 

In this acclaimed solo performance, Paul O’Hanrahan provides an opportunity to see the opening episode of Joyce’s Ulysses re-enacted on location within the Joyce Tower and by the sea in Sandycove. Like a short three-act play, the action moves from roof-top to living room to shore with Joyce deftly using details of the setting to underscore the changes in status between his characters.

Paul O’Hanrahan is an actor and director who has won awards for adapting both Ulysses and Finnegans Wake. He has specialised in performing in solo and ensemble productions based on Joyce’s works for over forty years. On Bloomsday in Dublin his company, Balloonatics, is well known for its theatrical animations of Ulysses on the city’s streets.