Arthur Griffith and James Joyce

Thursday 4 April 2024 | 19:00 – 20:00 | Studio, DLR Lexicon | Free

Arthur Griffith and his writings had a considerable influence on James Joyce’s thinking. In 1906 Joyce asserted that Griffith’s United Irishman was “the only newspaper of any pretensions in Ireland”. Griffith’s name and ideas appear as recurrent themes in Ulysses. This talk will explore the early years of Arthur Griffith and the United Irishman which led to the formation of Sinn Fein. At this time Griffith was a regular visitor to the Tower in Sandycove where he would swim in the forty foot with his friend Oliver St John Gogarty.

This event has been organised to celebrate the donation to the Joyce Tower Museum by Des Gunning of a first edition of Arthur Griffith’s “The Resurrection of Hungary: A Parallel for Ireland”, a hugely influential pamphlet published in 1904 based on a series of articles he published in United Irishman that same year. Many of the features of Bloom’s imaginary coronation in Circe are drawn from this source.


Colum Kenny is Emeritus Professor at DCU. A journalist, barrister and historian, Colum published “The Enigma of Arthur Griffith” in 2020.

Cormac O’Hanrahan is Director of Printwell Design and the editor of “The Bloomsday Journal” and “Cut&Paste: Remembering Arthur Griffith”

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Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
  •    Studio, DLR Lexicon