Events At Joyce Tower: 9.30am Arrival of the Birthday cake.

Total Seats: 80 (12 Left:)


To commemorate the delivery of the first two copies of Ulysses from Dijon to Paris by train 0n 2/2/1922, FJT member Stephen McMahon will arrive in Sandycove by Train from the south bearing a birthday cake. From the DART station we will proceed in ceremony to the Martello Tower.

10.00am Robert Gogan: Strolling through Ulysses
Robert unlocks Joyce’s masterpiece, bringing its characters to life and unraveling the mysteries..

12.00 Noon Caitriona Ni Threasaigh
Performs excerpts from Penelope, Molly Bloom’s soliloquy. 

1.00pm Noel O’Grady: Joyce in Song
Tenor Noel O’Grady’s interpretations and renditions of songs associated with Joyce and Ulysses are unrivalled.

2.30pm Paul O’Hanrahan
With his outstanding re-enactment of Telemachus, the opening chapter of ‘Ulysses’ in the place where it all began.

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