Bloomsday Eve Singsong

Jun 15, 2017

Just to get us all in the mood for Bloomsday, the Friends of Joyce Tower put on a terrific show on Thursday afternoon. It was a great success!

IMG_4422It is fantastic to see that the FJT volunteers have so much hidden talent.  Well, every so often, it all comes out and, with Aidan Coleman providing backing keyboards. we were royally entertained by volunteers Frank, Trish, Lua, Robert, Olive, Sam, Tom and James.

Racker Donnelly gave us a taste of his great readings and interpretations of Ulysses.

Andrew, who organised the whole thing rounded off the evening with a ditty dedicated to the tower itself.

Rumour has it that the party still continues at ‘Fitzies’ pub in Sandycove!

Thanks Andrew for organising this bit of ‘craic’.