National Heritage Week 2020 – Paul O’Hanrahan performs

Aug 14, 2020


National Heritage Week brings together communities, families, organisations, cultural institutions, academics and enthusiasts, to build awareness about the value of heritage and to support its conservation.

Taking place in August (15th – 23rd this year), National Heritage Week is celebrated throughout Ireland with a full week of events and activities organised by those interested in promoting the contribution made by their organisations to Irish culture.

At the James Joyce Tower and Museum, we have always been delighted to support this event/festival.

In previous years, we celebrated National Heritage Week by welcoming one of our favourite performers, Paul O’Hanrahan, to the tower where he would perform his re-enactment of the Telemachus (opening) chapter of ‘Ulysses’.

It was always a terrific opportunity to enjoy Paul’s brilliant acting as he brought the opening of Joyce’s masterpiece to life in its original setting.

Sadly, this year, things are a bit different because of Covid-19. We have had to close the tower to the public – our priority, of course, being to ensure the safety of our volunteers and visitors.

All is not lost, however, and Paul has very kindly put together this wonderful short video of himself performing as Buck Mulligan which we are delighted to share with you.

We hope that you will enjoy it.


Thank you Paul for keeping the spirit of the tower alive for National Heritage Week 2020.

For more information on National Heritage Week 2020, please click on this link: